A Mysterious Poland Crooked Forest

We all know that there is a basic shape for trees. They have their trunks standing straight from the end of the roots until the beginning of branches. At least, that’s what we draw when we are still children when our teachers asked us to draw a tree.

However, there are actually trees, which grow against the law of nature. They are 400 pine trees growing in northwest part of Poland. For a mysterious reason, the bottom part of the trunks (near to the roots) bend to the north. However, about some meters above the ground, the trunks grow normal just like other trees. The trees look like reversed question marks because of the weird shape.

A crooked forest in northwest part of Poland, where the bottom part of the trees bend to the north.

The curved pines were said to start growing in 1930. It was said that at the beginning, they grew normal like other trees, but about seven until ten years later, they were held down by human, possibly for furniture business or other reasons. It’s never clear who bent them and why. It’s because soon after the Second World War came, the people who were responsible for the trees abnormality abandoned the trees and whatever plans they had, leaving the forest a mystery.

Why do you think they are bent?


The History of Comic Books

Do you like to read comic books? I do. It’s a part of my childhood even until now. In my opinion, there’s something unique about comic books. I enjoy reading novels as well as magazines but I still love to see expressive faces, emotion, cool action scenes pictured inside a book to form a story. It’s just a magical moment…

I was so curious about the history of comic books, so I browsed, and I found out that the first comic book was written back in 1827 in Switzerland by Rudolphe Topffer. That’s what I read in Investors, though according to Wikipedia, there is an 18th century Japanese pictures collection, which could be categorized as one of the first comic strips. It’s still debated.

Here are some of the first comic strips written by Rudolphe Topffer :

Histoire de M. Jabot’ by Rudolph Töpffer (1833), one of the first comic strips ever made.

The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck by Rudolph Töpffer. One of the first comic strips ever made.

“The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck” is the first comic book being published in United States. It was published in 1842. However, there is a doubt about whether Topffer is the first comic writer since in Japan, an allegedly manga book (the Japanese term for comic) called “Kibyoshi” was written before the year Topffer wrote his first comic.

“Kibyoshi” is a genre of Japanese picture book Kusazoshi produced during the middle of Edo period, from 1775 to the early 19th century. Physically identifiable by their yellow-backed covers, they were typically printed in 10 page volumes, many spanning two to three volumes in length, with the average number of total pages being 30.

“Kibyoshi” The first writing was in 1775, during Edo Period of Japan.

Climate Change Prediction

I want to share an article which I’ve just read. This article is about the prediction of climate change for the year of 2100. I read this article because I’m interested in recent news about massive flood in Jakarta, Indonesia, my country. Lucky for me, I don’t live in Jakarta, but still… the flood shocks us, Indonesian people, since we never expect this year’s flood would be the worst of the last few years. Maybe you have heard that the presidential palace was also flooded. I never heard such a news before.

The flood in front of Indonesian Presidential Palace

According to Epa, in 2100, the earth’s temperature will raise by 2°F to 11.5°F. The exact degree depends on the level of future greenhouse gas emissions and the outcomes from various climate models. It also says that by the year, our earth will be at least twice warmer in a period of 100 years.

It’s actually quite scary to see this picture:

Projected changes in global average temperatures under three emissions scenarios (rows) for three different time periods (columns). Changes in temperatures are relative to 1961-1990 averages. The scenarios come from the IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios: B1 is a low emissions scenario, A1B is a medium-high emissions scenario, and A2 is a high emissions scenario. Source: NRC (2010)

I don’t know how it is in your part of area, but I heard about two days ago that Australia broke a record of heat wave. Sydney’s temperature in average was almost 46C. Even, the airport hit the number, also broke a record of heat wave. The previous record was 45.3C in 1939.

On Saturday, January 12, the South Australian town of Moomba even set its tempreature in the number of 49.6C, which was just a bit cooler than the 50.7C, the highest temperature ever in the surface of continent ever recorded. It was noted in Oodnadatta back in 1960.

Australian Heat Wave Map

So, what do you think? How’s in your area? Isn’t this phenomenon just coincidence or is it a sign of another global warming attack? What will happen to our climate in the next few years? What will happen to us?