Science and History are What Our Earth is About


Welcome to my blog. This is my first writing. First of all, I want to introduce what blog is it about and what kind of writings I issue here.

Well, as well as other people, I have my favorite subjects, which are science and histories. I just feel that I’m a part of the universe, that I’m a part of this outrageously wonderful world. All the things which surround me are part of complicated and wonderfully created science and centuries of built histories. In my opinion, the things in this world… all are about science and histories. We will never exist without those two words. Personally, I guess science and histories are inseparable.

So… in order to express my love toward science and history, I decide to start writing all about science and history on this blog. However, just to let you know… I’m not a historian, scientist, or an expert on these fields. I’m just an ordinary person who works in an office, who loves to read science and history.

Thank you… Enjoy reading 🙂

Our world is all about science and history.


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