Dresses : Year by Year Designs

Most girls and women love dresses including me. Well, I’m not a modest person but I love art and fashion.  When I think about party people and their dresses, it appears in my mind that teenagers tend to wear different styles of dresses compared to their parents. Then, a grandmother will have another style. It’s not only because of their ages… I guess they are influenced by fashion styles in their eras. I got interested and looked for fashion styles history, then I found these pictures…

Bridal dresses :

Bridal fashion style from time to time

The following picture is a European fashion style history for centuries:

European fashion style for centuries (men and women)

Chinese fashion :

Chinese fashion style from time to time

I haven’t got a lot of information about my own country’s (Indonesia) dress history. However, I found these pictures:

This dress was worn around 1800s until the beginning of 1900s. It originally came from Java, the primary island in Indonesia and donned for informal occasions. The dress is a combination of Muslim culture, as you can see the turban on his head, and European fashion, as can be seen on the clothes.

Around the beginning until the mid of 1900s, Indonesian women wears a traditional clothes as seen in the photograph. This woman wore a Javanese traditional clothes called “Kebaya”. Meanwhile the man donned Western-style clothing. The variety of dress-styles in Indonesia is an indicator of local, Muslim, and Western influences on the country.

How is the history of dresses in your culture? Let’s share more here!


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