The History of Comic Books

Do you like to read comic books? I do. It’s a part of my childhood even until now. In my opinion, there’s something unique about comic books. I enjoy reading novels as well as magazines but I still love to see expressive faces, emotion, cool action scenes pictured inside a book to form a story. It’s just a magical moment…

I was so curious about the history of comic books, so I browsed, and I found out that the first comic book was written back in 1827 in Switzerland by Rudolphe Topffer. That’s what I read in Investors, though according to Wikipedia, there is an 18th century Japanese pictures collection, which could be categorized as one of the first comic strips. It’s still debated.

Here are some of the first comic strips written by Rudolphe Topffer :

Histoire de M. Jabot’ by Rudolph Töpffer (1833), one of the first comic strips ever made.

The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck by Rudolph Töpffer. One of the first comic strips ever made.

“The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck” is the first comic book being published in United States. It was published in 1842. However, there is a doubt about whether Topffer is the first comic writer since in Japan, an allegedly manga book (the Japanese term for comic) called “Kibyoshi” was written before the year Topffer wrote his first comic.

“Kibyoshi” is a genre of Japanese picture book Kusazoshi produced during the middle of Edo period, from 1775 to the early 19th century. Physically identifiable by their yellow-backed covers, they were typically printed in 10 page volumes, many spanning two to three volumes in length, with the average number of total pages being 30.

“Kibyoshi” The first writing was in 1775, during Edo Period of Japan.


2 thoughts on “The History of Comic Books

  1. Hahahahaha.. if it was about continuous picture, i won’t forget to mention kung-fu books with the kung-fu styles images.. i’m sure it’ll be full with poets to help the disciples to memorize & understand the style…

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